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Challenges of Using Slack in Our Team

In this blog, I share our experience of using Slack and explain the difficulties and challenges we faced.

Not Friendly with OneDrive

Our team includes Excel & Macro Developers and we are constantly working with Microsoft Office and Excel. We use OneDrive for cloud storage because it’s friendly with Microsoft Office. However, Slack and OneDrive aren’t friendly with each other!

To share a OneDrive file on Slack, we need to manually copy the link of the file and paste it into Slack. However, sharing a file from Google Drive and Dropbox is much easier. With a few click of a buttons, Google drive or Dropbox files can get uploaded and shared into Slack as shown in the image below

We are not sure why sharing OneDrive files is not as easy as sharing Google Drive files. But we know this is a huge turn off and disadvantage for us.

Message Threads Weakness

Slack has introduced message threads recently; however, it doesn’t seem a well integration. The thread is shown as a sidebar not in the main chat area like the image below. It feels like messages are kept separately instead of integrated.

On the other hand, a slack competitor like Microsoft Teams has a good user experience while messaging. All replies to a thread are listed below it in one place not on the sidebar. We prefer this style of Microsoft Teams (like the image below) more than Slack’s style.

Lack of Supporting Right To Left Languages

Our web application development team is multi-cultural! Members speak different languages which might involve right to left writing. Our web programmers tend to communicate in details and obviously they are more comfortable talking in their mother language. Therefore, we need to provide support for their language. Other slack competitors like Microsoft Teams and Google Hangout Chat supports right to left writing but Slack has no support for it.

We contacted Slack, asking whether any time soon they will support RTL languages and they replied they have no plan for it at the moment.

With no RTL support, some of our members face challenges and it’s a huge disadvantage for us.

But a Good Side of Slack

We should admit that Slack has a better pricing at least compared to Microsoft Teams. That’s a reason why we still thinking about Slack. However, Google Hangout Chat which will be released soon, might have good pricing. At the moment, we are trying Google Hangout Chat thru Google Early Adapter Program.