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Exporting SharePoint List to Excel But Getting Error “An unexpected error has occurred.”

I am an Excel developer and tried to export a custom SharePoint List unto Excel. On the page, I clicked List tab and then Export to Excel (screen shot is available below).

Export To Excel - SharePoint List

Then my Excel 2016 opened up; however, an ugly error came up saying, “An unexpected error has occurred. Changes to your data cannot be saved.” The error is because the connection cannot be made with your SharePoint site which requires authentication.

I found a solution to force authentication of Excel by using >File >Open >Other Web Locations >Browse and entering SharePoint site information. Now I tried again and worked!

Please keep in mind that you might get another error if you’re using older version of Excel. I tried to export SharePoint list to Excel 2007 but I got error, “You do not have adequate permissions to modify the list. Changes to your data cannot be saved. ”

You do not have adequate permissions to modify the list

I do not have much experience with older version of Excel. If you know a method to fix this issue, feel free to leave a comment, please.