Are you getting blue screen often on your Dell laptop?

In this blog, I share my experience in fixing the frequent blue screen on my Dell laptop. This solution might also work for other laptops, as well.

I have a dell laptop (E6410) and got blue screen often. Sometimes a few mins after turning up my computer, I was getting a blue screen error. Initially, I thought the blue screen could be because of some problems on my Windows. I backed up all my laptop files and decided to install a fresh copy of Windows. During Windows installation, I even kept getting blue screen and the installation left unfinished.

Finally, I could install new Windows successfully, and I reset the BIOS settings. However, blue screen was still present. Long frustration with installing a new Windows, and now big disappointment for not being able to fix the issue. I thought the error might be due to faulty SSD.

Then I decided to run Diagnostic and boom! I got multiple errors! The reason I got these errors was due to a faulty Memory. Dell has explained how to run Diagnostics in here. When you run it, a series of tests occurs. Full memory test happens at the end in which I got some errors. It was saying, “Memory – integrity test failed” as image below.

If you are keep getting blue screens, then your memory might not be in a good condition and probably need to be replaced. Try to check your RAM if it’s in a good condition by running diagnostics.

Also, you can run Diagnostics online. I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure, if it works similar way to the other Diagnostics. Please feel free to share your stories if you got into a similar problem and if this solution worked for you. Or if you tried Online Diagnostics and you’re getting similar errors there.



Dell - Memory - integrity test failed

First blog post

First blog post

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