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How to apply for Google Early Adapter Program (EAP) to Try New Google Hangout Chat

In this blog, I share our experience in applying for EAP on Google Cloud and how we solve it. We are Excel & Macro developers and would like to try out the new Google Hangout Chat & Meet. The Hangout chat right now is only accessible thru EAP .

We have a G Suite account and I’m already an admin. I followed the instruction and logged into I took a screenshot of the page which is,

EAP Google Error- Google Cloud

As it says, Early Adapter is for customer only. I’m already have a G Suite subscription and I’m admin. If you don’t have a subscription, you might not be able to apply for this program.

Once I clicked Early Adapter, I redirected to a page with an error, “but it looks like you don’t have access to this place or content. If you think you should have access to this space, try logging out and back in again …”. I tried to logout many times but no help.

EAP Google Error- We're Sorry

I contacted Google Cloud Support Center. You can find its link at the footer on Please keep in mind, if you applied recently in G suite, it might take 24 hours for your Google Cloud Support Center to get activated.

A couple of days after, they replied and with a couple of back and forth emails, I found out that we need either cumulatively billed for at least USD 30, or pay 30 USD upfront as a credit on our account.

I loaded my account with $30 however they told me changes on our account will take effect within 24-48 hours.