My first experience in Airbnb in Vancouver

I tried my first Airbnb just a few days ago and would like to share my experience which might be useful for some especially for those interested to give Airbnb a try for the first time.

Airbnb is actually someone’s place. From what I heard, house owners in Vancouver can only offer their place on Airbnb if the owner is already living there. So don’t get surprised if someone is living in the same floor as yours! But we actually got the whole floor (downstairs) and the owner was living upstairs. They were quite and honestly I didn’t notice if someone is living there.

We rented a place not actually within Vancouver city but close to it, Squamish. It’s located North side and is around an hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Squamish has lots of big houses and our Airbnb place was large as well. It had a huge kitchen in which you could fit three queen size beds! A large screen TV was in the living room. Usually, you can’t find these kind of TV’s in hotel rooms and also it was connected to Netflix which is also not available in hotels.

Towels were provided with shampoo, soap, dish washer soap, and any washing necessities. I thought we needed our own towel but hopefully, clean towels were available in the bathroom. Even they had a laundry (both washer and dryer) but not dish washer. It was a good experience to wash dishes by hand!

Additionally, they had a large yard and a fire place in the middle. Sadly, it was August when fire ban is in place in Vancouver so we were not permitted to use it. But I’m pretty sure we could use it any time of the year without fire ban. The yard was large enough to play Frisbee.

Unexpectedly, it was a better experience than a hotel and the owner provided everything we needed. We had a good sleep on a clean bed.

The only drawback is lack of communication with the owner. For example, when we got to the house it was pretty dark and it took us time to find the door. The lock was also tricky to open. We couldn’t find someone to ask these. The owner was on the top floor and the only communication method was thru text which is slow and not efficient.

They had also a desk which was perfect place to work a few hours of web application projects and Excel jobs.
As a whole, it was a good experience and I would try Airbnb in Vancouver again.

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